About My Photography

I love photography! That’s the simple fact that my business is built around. Some photographers are inspired by landscapes and wildlife, I’m more interested in people. I love capturing that emotion in someone’s face. Whether it be happiness, love, pride or even nerves. They all make great, interesting photos, that can be cherished for years to come.


So that I can capture the day as it pans out, and get natural photos that show how the day happened, I like to shoot in a photojournalistic style. My hope is that this allows the emotions and happiness in people’s faces to come across, and isn’t forced.
That being said, I always set aside time for group shots, if you would like any of these.


It would be my pleasure to be given the opportunity to photograph your wedding. I understand how many wedding photographers are around these days, but if you decide to go with me, I can promise you a few important things:
1. I will treat your day like it is the only wedding I am shooting that year. It’s the most special day of your lives, so I aim to reflect that in my service. 2. I will continue to invest time into improving my photography, so I can give you the best and most creative photos possible. 3. I will invest in only the best equipment, to ensure my creativity is expressed to the highest quality available. 4. I am always contactable (even when on holiday), and I will endeavour to reply to any queries, within 24 hours. This counts for before booking, before the big day, and after it too, so there is always piece of mind. 5. Most importantly, I will treat you how I wanted to be treated on my wedding day.


A wedding is an amazing celebration, and one of the few times in your life where everyone who is important to you is in one place, at one time. They are full of fun, creativity, laughter and love. As a wedding photographer, I see my role as capturing the moments from the day naturally, as they unfold.
I think the photography should be the easiest part of your day, and I aim to make this the case. It is completely up to you how much time we take to get posed photos. Whether it be 10 minutes or an hour, I assure you we’ll get some crackers.